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SaleHoo - $80 Off Today! A great Product Sourcing Resource

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Worldwide Brands - The undisputed king of Product Sourcing tools. If you have to invest in one sourcing tool, this should be it!

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Liquidation - BEST place to get bulk wholesale lots to resell on eBay & else where.

DropShip Business - Complete turnkey solution for drop shipping e-commerce & eBay selling.

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Is it better to pay for advertising on another company's website, or would it be better to have those other companies sell your products outright?

Is it better to send checks to other companies for sending you traffic, or is it better to have those other companies sending you money for selling your products?

There are 100's of ways to drive customers to your company’s website to see your products, but wouldn't it be better if the consumer saw your products all over the internet instead of just on your website? Wouldn't it give your company more name recognition and thus more credibility with consumers and other businesses

Of course it would! Add your dropshipping company to this site too.

Retail Products

How would you like to be able to offer your customers 1000's of products from your own Internet store. How would you like to be able to compete with large companies that have the resources to buy in volume, companies that have the resources to keep millions of dollars worth of inventory on hand?

Now you do! With USDropshippers.com, just find the manufacturers you would like to work with on the following pages. The manufacturers will look at your store and decide whether or not they would like you representing their products. If they do, just list their products on your website and start selling. And, best of all, you set your own prices, It's your store.

As orders come in to your webstore, you fax or email the orders to the manufacturers and they dropship to your customers using a generic invoice with your store's information. With USDropshippers.com, your customers are always your customers!


Message from the owner:

Hi! Normally you'd see something like "from the desk of..." but truth is that I'm writing this while enjoying a nice summer day in my backyard from my laptop. Doing business online is the ultimate freedom lifestyle. Sure it takes work but the rewards are well worth it. Being your own boss and being free to do whatever you want, whenever you want with your own time and not having to punch a clock every day is very nice!

I've been doing this since 1999. It wasn't always easy and I've gone through many phase but drop shipping has always been an integral part of my activities in one form or another. I won't get into the details of that here because I just wanted to welcome you to USDropshippers and invite you to sign up to the Insiders List. If you do, I'll share with you step by step how to get started like a PRO in this drop shipping business (the opt-in form for the insiders list should be at the top of the sidebar to the left here).

Let's make it happen! If I can do this, you definitely do it too. I'll show you step by step. Don't hesitate to ask any questions too.

To your success!

Franco Frenette

Please connect with me on:
My website:


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