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Make Money On eBay® Using Wholesale Dropship Companies

What you need to do to make money on eBay using dropshippers.

I'm going to walk you through the process of how to set up your eBay store, find a couple drop shipping companies and get your first ad up and running right now so that it is done and you can start sell as soon as possible. Each of the links below opens in a new window so that you don't lose your place in the process. So, lets get started:

  1. Open an eBay® Sellers Account right now!

    • Open a Paypal Account if you don't already have one. (This is where the money will go from your auctions.)

  2. Now Lets Do A Little eBay® Market Research:
    • Make a list of things that interest you and that you know a little bit about, like cell phones, comic books, MP3 players or maybe just consumer electronics or yard care equipment in general. It doesn't really matter, but you do need a list of the type of products you might be interested in selling.

    • Once you've built your general list of types of products that you might like to sell, go to the Free Keyword Tracker at wordtracker.com and find out how many searches there are for the types of products you might be interested in selling.

    • What you're looking for are general categories of products with high search volumes. Start by finding 2 or 3 general terms that have tens of thousands of searches. Once you have those, go to the Want It Now page on eBay® and type in your generic high volume key word terms.

    • So, if I did that search right now, using "cell Phones", I see that it is searched for almost 10,000 times per day. If I look on the "Want It Now" page, I see that there are 1,600 requests for cell phones. This means that 1,600 people are asking you to sell them a cell phone related product right now on eBay®; Cool.

    • Now narrow the search down a little more by looking at the subcategory links on the left hand side. What I see is that there are over 1000 people looking for "Cell Phone Accessories", and if I click on that, I see that there are 175 people looking for faceplates for their cell phones. I can then break it down farther if I want to, but I don't need to right now. Right now I need to find some suppliers who will dropship cell phone face plates for me. Are you getting the picture yet? LOL

  3. Now Lets Find Our Dropshippers:
    • Just head over to the list on the right, click on Electronics, and find a company that will drop ship cell phone face plates for you. If you can't find any, then use the Google search box at the top of the page, and do a search just like this +"we dropship" +"faceplates" or +"we drop ship" +"face plates" etc... you get the idea. This will then give you a list of companies who are willing drop ship the products you want.

    • Here are a few with free trial periods to get you started:

  4. Once you've found a couple of suppliers you like, sign up, get their price lists, and then head back to the "I Want It Now" page on eBay®. The thing you want to do now is to figure out the biggest bang for your buck.

  5. So, I head back to "Cell Phones", "Accessories", "Faceplates" and I click on "Motorola". Once the page is open, I hit Control and F on my keyboard at the same time (Gives me the search and find option) and type in the first phone name I see, which is "RAZR", shock of shocks. I see that there are currently 23 people looking for "RAZR" faceplates. Cool, I'm almost done.

  6. Check out exactly what they are looking for and make a list.

  7. Find the faceplate dropshipper with the most faceplates that match what your customers are looking for, and find the faceplate that costs the most and write that price down too.

  8. Now, all you need to do is build a "Buy It Now", ad for your faceplates. The ad should include a list of the type of RAZR faceplates those 23 people are looking for, as well as all the other types of RAZR faceplates you carry. When you fill out the quantity on the ad, put at least 200, so that it looks like you have a large supply. Set the price so that it is competitive, (Maybe a little higher, since none of these people could find what they wanted by searching) and then add a shipping price that makes you a nice profit over what the dropshipping company is charges you to send the product. Finally, set the ad to run for as many days as the system will let you, which is 10 days on my account, and finish and send the ad.

  9. And Here's the last step. Go to all the people who were looking for faceplates for their RAZR cell phones, and click on the link. This will allow you to send them the number for you "RAZR Faceplate Buy It Now Auction" so that they can order it right now.

  10. Not only will you get the quick rush of orders from the people who were looking for that specific face plate right now, but you will also get orders from people searching your auction for the next ten day. And finally, you can go back to the "I Want It Now" page every day and send your auction to anyone else who post that they are looking for a RAZR faceplate.

I hope you found this "eBay® Drop Shipping Tutorial" helpful.




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