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Companies That Dropship Diabetic & Health Supplies

Merry Walker Corporation

website thumbnailsMerry Walker Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes products to assist all people who are challenged by walking independently and need assistance to return to functional mobility.

Merry Walker Corporation dropships Original Merry Walker®, Merry Therapeutic Cane™, Merry Therapeutic Walker™, Merry Traveler™, Merry Motivator®, Merry Stand By Me™ and the Merry Cart®. Visit Merry Walker Corporation to learn more.

Just Relax

website thumbnailsThey are mostly interested in selling their CD, since that is where most of the money is, so if your site hasn't been on the net for at least a year, and you don't have a nice niche for relaxation products, then don't bother with this one. If you are in the relaxation business though, and you only need a few more products to round out you store, then sign up and start selling.

Just Relax dropships Relaxation CD, Aroma Note Cards, Aroma-Pillows, Essential Oils, Home Spa Kits and more. Visit Just Relax to learn more.

Balance Systems, Inc.

website thumbnailsBalance Systems, Inc. Manufactures COLDFLEX Self-Cooling Theraputic Wrap and FLEXTEND for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for the Home Health and Sports Rehab Markets.

Balance Systems, Inc. dropships ColdFlex and Flextend. Visit Balance Systems, Inc. to learn more.


website thumbnailsOMNI ajax is a leading manufacturer of powdered materials for the purpose of chemical treatment and cleanup of hazardous fluids.

OMNI AJAX dropships patented cementatious base materials for acid and caustic neutralization/solidification, large scale infectious waste encapsulation and body fluid spill control. Visit OMNI AJAX to learn more.


website thumbnailsSafeSharps is the most environmentally considerate and convenient method for control and disposal of home generated medical waste on the market today. It is a perfect match for online DME's and stores dealing with the Diabetic Market.

SafeSharps dropships sharps containers disinfected and solidifier. Visit SafeSharps to learn more.

DMI Drop Ship Medical Supplies

website thumbnailsDMI Manufactures Chin-Up-Strips, a snoring and breathing aid, for the Home Health Market.

DMI Drop Ship Medical Supplies dropships Chin-Up-Strips, a snoring and breathing aid. Visit DMI Drop Ship Medical Supplies to learn more.

Sore No More

website thumbnailsSore No More is a natural pain relieving gel for the Home Health and Sports Rehab Markets.

Sore No More dropships Sore No More. Visit Sore No More to learn more.


website thumbnailsMedVentures International is a surplus medical supply company that remarkets remainders in the medical products industry.

Medventures dropships medical overruns and health supply overstocks. Visit Medventures to learn more.

Biofeedback Instrument Corporation

website thumbnailsBiofeedback Instrument Corporation has been manufacturing and distributing Home Health and Rehab products since 1979.

Biofeedback Instrument Corporation dropships Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, EEG and Neuromapping instruments. Visit Biofeedback Instrument Corporation to learn more.





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